Fabulous Feedback at the Foreshore Event

While welcoming in the Chinese New Year at Rhodes Foreshore Park on Saturday 21 February, members of the community were unanimous in their support for initial designs of the Lewis Avenue steps and mural artwork on display.


Our research and community consultations have culminated in a design that richly collages imagery along a number of themes:


"Vibrant collection of something for everyone, from everyone"

Angela and friends

"Very colourful. Will be an improvement to the site"

Chinese dancers

"Inspiring. Need more of this sort of artwork!"


"Very nice and fantastic work"

parade in the park

"Beautiful and will bring more life to the area"

Nigel and Bailey

"Very vibrant and great way to brighten up the area to create a better atmosphere"

QR code

"A great representation of the past, present and future and all that is great about our country and the local area"

Angela with boards

"Any art that gets people in discussion is fabulous and does its job. More art for Rhodes - please!"

into the evening

"Very exciting. Great ideas. Really like the concept"

curious couple

"Makes Rhodes cultural and adds lots of colour in community! Great job!"